Dear interested future partner,

Our company has been producing manufacturing and trading industrial and crematorium incinerators for nearly 35 years. Up to now 44 incinerators and with the associated technology have been produced and installed in Hungary and abroad by us. Nowadays we are making 4th generation, computer controlled, fully automated incinerators.

These incinerators with outstanding technical and operating parameters are absolutely safe and they satisfy all kinds of duty towards the dead. The technological process of cremation includes the transportation and cooling of the ead bodies as well as the grinding of the mortal remains.

We have extraordinary experiences in the field of manufacturing and trading accesories which satisfy any special claim.

We make a special coffin conveyer system which connects the catafalque with the incinerator under the floor-ing. This up-to-date technology conveys the coffin with the dead body from the catafalque to the crematorium, directly to the crematorium incinerators.

The most important characteristics of our incinerators:

  • 35 years of experience in manufacturing and trading
  • a reliable, fully automated, computer controlled technology resulted from continuos technical development
  • good cremation output
  • extra low intake, fuel economy
  • first-class enviromental protection (air pollution, noise)
  • small size (it needs small place)
  • refined construction
  • easy manageability
  • long duration
  • low maintenance
  • internet help by the manufacturing centre
  • planning and constructing of the whole technological process, operation and maintenance if needed.


We undertake complete cremating technology, planning and manufacturing incinerators with all the accessories (cooling apparatus, bone grinder, loading cart), structural planning and implementation of a ready made complete crematrorium.
We take part in the licensing procedure, take the training of the crematorium staff, establish the complete informatical record system if it is needed.

The incinerators manufactured and turned over by us are of high technical standard even in international rate, they guarantee efficiency, economical operation and satisfy any operation expectations or duty towards the dead. Compared to the products of other manufacturers it can be pointed out that our incinerators make cremation the fastest, most economic and professional way.

44 incinerators, the professional experience gained at manufactoring and installation of their thecnological equipments, more than a hundred thousand incinerations serve as a basis for our accomplishment.
Our company cosists of highly qualified, well practised experts. The 35 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, implementation, maintenance, operation, the continuous developing and quality control guarantee the high quality of our incinerators.

Technical datas
Main chamber sizes of the incinerator:

910 mm wide
840 mm high
2500 mm long

The size can be changed on local claim.

Sphere of operation burner:
Post burner:
Type of natural gas burners:

40-260 kW
20-200 kW
natural gas, propan-butan gas, fuel oil.

Gas cosumption in automatic operation without post burner:

- one shift :
- continuous operation:

2-4 m3/cremation (heating of the incinerator included)
0,5-1,0 m3/cremation

Electric power: 12 kW, with post burner 13,5 kW
Cremation output

One shift:

8-12 cremation/12 hour shift

Portion time:

5 time program, 30-60 min. by choice in automatic operation.

Coffin loading:

The machine works with mechanical hydraulic jack, it is remote controlled, hand-operated. Opening and closing the loading door is also remote controlled.

Waste gas piping:

Through brickwork waste gas channel, in a brickwork chimney, the suction increased by ejector. At request it can be ordered with fitted chimney.


Program controlled, with computer, automaticly.

Burning-air supply:

With primer, secunder, tercier air with ventillator

Double burning safety system.

Sphere of operation temperature:


Permissible max. temperature: 1150 °C.

Temperature measuring:

With special digital indicators, controlling instrument and computer

Controlling-indicating system

In front of the furnace in an operating board there is an industrial touch computer with colour
screen. On the screen each parameter can be seen. The automatic controlling system steps in
and changes the parameters in order to achieve perfect burning. The furnace entirely quarantees
the dutis towards the dead. The automatic cremation process can be followed on the screen by
the operator.

Trough internet with the help of a modem built into the computer we can follow the operation
of the furnace in our Budapest laboratory and can give a helping hand or any orders for the
operators when it is needed or can change the parameters.
The operation of the furnace can be followed on the computer of the crematorium as well.

Bone grinding mill

A closed, noiseless electric motor driven ball and tube mill made of non-corrosive material, with sucking equipement and dust exhauster. The exhausted air is turned back into the room.
Three stainless, heat resisting grinding boxes belong to the will which are used also for refined ash.


  • height: 1600 mm
  • width: 600 mm + 600 mm
  • depth: 600 mm
  • weight: 200 kg
  • Electric power 300W

The mortal remains are being ground to powder in the mill in not more than 20 minutes, so its output is sufficient by the continuous operation of 2 furnaces.

In door uplifting and charging machine

The corpse lifting and conveying cart serves the transporting and lifting of the dead bodies on a tray or in a coffin. Due to the steel structure of the cart one person can easily and safely solve the transporting of the corpses even from the top shelves of the coolers.

The dead weight of the cart is small, it is easy to handle due to the position of its wheels and it can turn in any small, confined place. It is supplied with built-in hydraulics which quarantees easy lifting with its well constructed geometry even in case of diverse load.