Industrial Furnaces

We have planned and produced gas, oil and electric furnaces for performing various tasks. They can be found from simple version to computer controlled variation. These are:

  • kilns
  • heat regulating furnace lines
  • aluminium,copper,bronze furnaces
  • resting furnaces
  • smith furnaces
  • furnace lines for more purposes
  • helmet furnaces
  • revolving component turnings oil filter furnace lines with post burning furnaces and smoke gas cleaning - separation system
  • precision foundry incandescent furnaces
  • defensive gas heat regulating furnaces
  • rift furnaces
  • riding bottom incandescent furnaces
  • driver incandescent burnt furnaces
  • tunnel furnaces
  • EXO protecting gas manufacturer equipment

In case of need for the installation of furnaces - our contractor group- can insure up to 28 - 30 qualified skilled workmen on the spot.

Maintenance, renewal

Our firm also deals with the renewal and maintenance of industrial furnaces.
A maintenance contract is carried out to our customers for performing the furnaces' regular and preceding maintenance.
Hereby we ensure the furnaces' undisturbed operation without the interruption of the service.

We also assure the furnaces' up-to-date renewal and reconstruction.


Furnaces produced by us can be seen during the operation. Please indicate your demand on it
and we will be at your disposal. Having known your demand an offer will be provided to you free of charge.


Just feel free to ask more information without any charge.